Viking Age Slot vs Gold Rush Casino Slots

Viking Age Slot vs Gold Rush Casino Slots

Online casino slot games are games you can play on your mobile phone and PC, even while lying on your couch. You can play for free and real money, have so much fun and still win. Now, which of the online slot games should I go for? There are many available on casino websites, but when talking about two amazing games, we’ll compare Viking Age Slot vs Gold Rush Casino Slots.

Viking Age Slot vs Gold Rush Casino Slots | A comparison

Viking Age Slot Features

So many people across the globe are fascinated by Viking Age slot machines. This game is undoubtedly for you if you find the ways and tales of the heroic Vikings fascinating. There’s the possibility of exploring this 3D online casino slot machine game at any casino site. Betsoft developed it for real money or fun.

Some features include:

  • The Viking Age Slot features high-value symbols: Viking ships & battle axes and the most lucrative symbols. It pays 1000 coins using its Viking ship for a five-symbol match, whereas its battle axe reimburses a 750 bonus in place of 5 symbols.
  • Viking Age online casino slot features a bonus game that offers a Runestone Round and an arm wrestling match.
  • The Viking Age Slot scatter symbol is Amma, and It offers free spins when three or more symbols appear.
  • The game features a multiplier, and the free spin round offers a multiplier on awards if the start and end multiplier of the line match is the same.
  • Viking Age Slot has five reels and 30 paylines.
  • It features an autoplay option that can set up to 100 automatic spins.
  • Viking Age online slot is available to both Android and iOS users. You can also use it on PC or tablets.
  • The game has a return to player (RTP) of 94.4%.

Gold Rush Casino Slots Features

Gold Rush is an online video casino slot game you can play for real money prizes. It is a Pragmatic Play-powered game that can be gambled for free or real money on any reputable online casino website. Searching for gold when gambling on this game might be incredibly difficult and volatile. Nevertheless, it’s a 25-payline game with a terrific, beautiful layout, visuals, and an upbeat, nostalgic tune that entertains traveling through time.

Some features include:

  • Gold Rush Casino Slot features a scatter symbol which is its entry to the mines, enabling it to open up the best bonus features.
  • Its compatibility is second to none. Customers can enjoy the game of Gold Rush Casino because it is user-friendly and can be downloaded by Mac or laptop.
  • IOS, Android, and Linux users.
  • It has 3 reels and a 25-payline with good graphics.
  • Gold Rush Casino slot features a progressive design. The game has a return to player (RTP) of 96.50%.

Differences between Viking Age Slot & Gold Rush Casino Slots

  • Viking Age Slot features high-value symbols using the Gold Rush Casino slot bonus symbol.
  • Viking was developed by Betsoft, while Gold Rush casino slot was by NetENT games.
  • Gold Rush casino has 3 reels and 25 paylines, while Viking Age has 5 reels and 30 paylines
  • The Viking Age slot has returned a player RTP of 94.4%, and the Gold Rush Casino Slots 96.50%.
  • Gold Rush Casino Slot features progressive designs, and Viking Age Slot has an autoplay option.

Their Similarities

  • Viking Age features a scatter symbol, and the Gold Rush casino slot features a scatter symbol.
  • Both the Gold Rush casino slot and the Viking Age slot can be played to win real money.
  • Viking Age and Gold Rush casino video slots have amazing graphics and excellent user interfaces.

Final Thoughts

Are online slots regulated? We wouldn’t be surprised if you asked yourself this. On well-established, legal casinos, online slots are regulated and this provides you a safe play to invest your time and money. Regulations are not in place to defraud you. Instead, they are regulated to provide a free and fair gaming experience. You can visit Vegas Aces Casino to find answers to all your questions on online slots. You can also get more details on Viking Age Vs. Gold Rush casino slots.

Now that you know more about these games, log in at Vegas Aces Casino, and don’t miss out on the chance of winning today! Tell your friends on social media too!

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