Shuffle Cards, Make Your Bid, and Trick Your Way to Victory!

Shuffle Cards, Make Your Bid, and Trick Your Way to Victory!

The Bid Whist card game is a unique trick-taking game played across different nations and communities. Players form partnerships and use tactics to outsmart their opponents while bidding for certain tricks they believe they could win. Therefore, you need teamwork, strategy, and luck during gameplay.

The game is popular in the African American communities and has, over time, become a loved pastime at social gatherings.

In this casino news, we’ll be going through all that’s worth knowing about the Bid Whist card game. We will take a look at its history and gameplay. Let’s deal!

Bid Whist Card Game: Tricks, Trumps, and Triumphs

The Bid Whist Card Game is a trick-taking card game likely rotting in traditional Whist, a card game from England played in the 17th century. It’s not among the solo card variants or one player card games because it involves a group of four players forming a partnership of two teams. Partners sit oppositely at the table and deal 12 cards each from a 52-card deck. The deck sums up to 54 with the addition of two Jokers. One is called ‘Big Joker,’ and the other is ‘Little Joker.’

The game’s objective is for a player or group to strategically reach the number of tricks they bid for by playing the highest card of the lead suit or a trump card. If a group fulfills all their tricks, they win the round. The game has a striking resemblance to other electronic table games like Bridges and Spades.

Bid Whist Card Game: Tradition and Competition

The Bid Whist card game was particularly popularized in African American communities in the United States, especially during the 19th and early 20th centuries. However, as a member of the trick-taking family, the game is believed to have originated from Whist. This card game was a classic in England, specifically in the capital city, London, in the 17th century.

According to a book titled ‘Rise and Fly: The Story of Big Whist’ by Yanick Rice Lamb and Greg Morrison, Bid Whist was popular in English and French communities. The authors further stated that African Americans picked up on the game during the Civil War, having learned it through Union troops that passed through the southern area.

By the 20th century, Bid Whist became a famous pastime in the U.S. military culture, particularly among African American players. Its blend of skill, strategy, and social interaction further increased its popularity and has made it persist into the modern era. Today, tournaments and platforms that allow one to play old casino games free versions of known games are sustaining its legacy.

Cards in Hand, Culture in Play: Standout Gameplay Features and Process

What makes Bid Whist rank as one of the card games with the best table game odds, comparable to the Baccarat 777 game, is the bidding process. The use of a standard 52 card remains. So, to begin a session, all four players have 48 cards, 12 each. The remaining six cards are placed facing down. Here is more detail.

The bidding process of the game, which makes it unique among other forms of card casino games, involves players determining how many books or tricks they and their partners would make. Players can decide to pass their turns in bidding, but the last bidder, the dealer, has to make a bid, and the minimum is usually four. A bid includes the number of books, whether there will be a trump suit, and if high or low cards win.

In addition, players can’t bid on fewer books than the previous. They can only bid the same number if the last one had a trump suit, in which case they can bid no Trump. A no-trump bid can be high or low. In other words, it can be uptown (Big Joker, Little Joker, Ace, King) or downtown (Ace, two, three).

The highest bidder leads as the game begins, and the bidder’s declaration stands for the hand. Players must follow suit if possible. Failure to do so is considered a renege; this could result in a penalty. But when there are no-trump hands, players with a joker must discard it or exchange it with the cards placed facing down. The winning side collects tricks won and keeps them separate for reference until the hand ends. Looking back at tricks is allowed until the next player starts their turn, except in cases of a renege.

Similar Card Games of Bidding Strategies

Bid Whist shares similarities with several other trick-taking card games, including Whist, Spades, Bridge, and Hearts. You can learn more about these, and other card games of your liking, by reading our online casino guides.

Bid, Play, and Win!

Bid Whist is a fun card game where players bid on books and trump suits to score points. But, its gameplay requires a blend of strategy, teamwork, and calculated risk. To play a similar online table game or other top card games, visit the best online casino today, and don’t miss the chance of an extraordinary gaming opportunity.

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