Zodiac Hunting Game

Zodiac Hunting Game

Are you looking for an online casino game where you can put your skills to the test? If that’s the case, you should try the Zodiac Hunting game by KA Gaming. Here, you get to use a cannon to shoot down various creatures and claim generous rewards during the process.

How to Play Zodiac Hunting Game

Upon entering the Zodiac Hunting game, you get to choose one of the three rooms. Each of them comes with different bet limits, so choose the one that you prefer. After that, select a stake and start shooting at the creatures passing by on the screen. Like we normally see in this type of casino games, some of them are easier to take down, while others can endure much bigger damage.

There is a lock option that allows you to set your aim at a certain target. Then the game will shoot at it until you hunt it down. Further, there is the auto function, which shoots cannonballs without requiring a click or a tap. You just adjust the aim, and the cannon fires automatically.

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Zodiac Hunting Game RTP and Variance

KA Gaming didn’t reveal any details about the game’s RTP and variance. However, according to multiple sources online and like many other casino games, the RTP rate of Zodiac Hunting is the standard 96%. They also indicate that the variance level is medium. It means that the payouts are moderate.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Next on the list of this Zodiac Hunting game review, we will cover the symbols. As you shoot with your cannon, you take down 16 different creatures or animals. Among them are the wild boar, golden gorilla, tough bull, blue dragon, rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, red dragon, snake, pony, panda, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Before the start of the game, you get to choose the bet sizes. There are 3 levels, such as $0.01–$0.10, $0.10–$1, and $1–$10. Here are the payouts that every creature or animal can provide in this game.

Creature/Animal Payout
Wild Boar 80x – 200x
Golden Gorilla 20x
Tough Bull 20x
Blue Dragon 20x
Rat 50x
Cow 45x
Tiger 40x
Rabbit 35x
Red Dragon 30x
Snake 25x
Pony 20x
Panda 15x
Monkey 10x
Rooster 8x
Dog 5x
Pig 3x


Zodiac Hunting Game Bonus Features

4 bonus features in this game come with 4 different creatures. When you take down a blue dragon, the game will stop all enemies from moving for a certain period of time.

Hunting down a tough bull triggers a chain reaction that will eliminate several enemies. If you take down the golden gorilla, it will cause an explosion that will kill several creatures. Lastly, you can capture the wild boar multiple times before it leaves the screen.

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Zodiac Hunting Game FAQs

Which enemy is rewarding the most in Zodiac Hunting online?

The most rewarding enemy is the wild boar. It will reward you with a prize between 80x and 200x the bet.

Can I play the Zodiac Hunting game on a mobile device?

Yes, you can play Zodiac Hunting on a mobile device. The game utilizes the latest HTML5 technology, which allows access on any iOS or Android device.

Is there a demo version of the Zodiac Hunting game?

Of course. You can play the demo version completely for free without wagering real money.

Test Your Shooting Skills and Win Hefty Prizes

Zodiac Hunting online is an amazing game that will surely please every player who likes shooting games. The gameplay is super entertaining, and some of the creatures come with bonus features that will help you get even bigger payouts. We recommend trying Zodiac Hunting game at our online casino real money now.

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