Scratch Alpaca Gold Game

Scratch Alpaca Gold Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Scratch Alpaca Gold Game is an upgrade on its younger cousin – the Scratch Alpaca Bronze Game, also produced by Bgaming. As for why it’s an upgrade, it has the same mind-blowing payouts worth 100,000x your stake, but the fixed stake is larger at $2.50. This means the potential jackpot in this game stands at $250,000, which is pretty outrageous.

However, this game has a very high variance, so it’s normal to endure streaks of scratch cards with little to show. But there’s always that chance that you’ll be the lucky customer who finds that gem, and isn’t that what makes these casino games so much fun?

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How to Play Scratch Alpaca Gold Game

Because the Scratch Alpaca Gold has a fixed bet size of $2.50 per ticket, grabbing your card is even easier than normal. Simply hit the green buy button whenever you feel ready and scratch away at the ticket to see if you’re a winner. Note that the game has a few customizable elements, too.

This includes the option to initiate autoplay, switch on ‘turbo mode’, and establish loss or win limits linked to autoplay. Lastly, if you tire of scratching the card each time, you can always click ‘scratch all’ to instantly reveal the outcome.

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Scratch Alpaca Gold Game RTP and Variance

We hope you’re sitting down! This one has a ‘very high’ variance rating, which is the absolute maximum level this metric can reach. And since the RTP is just 90%, we wouldn’t be doing this Scratch Alpaca Gold Review justice if we didn’t tell you that the game can sometimes be unforgiving.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Hang loose is the instruction of this cool-looking alpaca. Somehow, this land-dwelling animal has transformed into a surfer dude in the Scratch Alpaca Gold Game – who knows how that has happened? Regardless, the uplifting soundtrack and bright gold colors witnessed in this game certainly give you that ‘feel good’ vibe.

Since you can manually scratch off each location on the ticket here, you’re not removed from the game, which is a common complaint of other scratch card titles. You’re right there in the thick of things, and if you snag a winning card, you’ll no doubt join the alpaca in jumping for joy!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Unlike the Bronze version of this game, like many of our online slots, the fixed entry price here is $2.50 per ticket.

Number Prize Payout
P1 X1 2.5
P2 X2 5
P3 X5 12.5
P4 X10 25
P5 X50 125
P6 X100 250
P7 X250 625
P8 X500 1,250
P9 X1000 2,500
P10 X2500 6,250
P11 X5000 12,500
P12 X10,000 25,000
P13 X25,000 62,500
P14 X50,000 125,000
P15 X75,000 187,500
P16 X100,000 250,000


Scratch Alpaca Gold Game Bonus Features

This is the point at which some of you may feel a little disappointed. That’s because the Scratch Alpaca Gold Casino Game has zero bonus features to speak of. But this shouldn’t overshadow the main appeal of this impressive title, which is the immense returns on offer if things go your way.

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Scratch Alpaca Gold Game FAQs

How do I score the top payout in this game?

You must match enough of the top-paying symbols inside the card.

What can I expect due to the very high variance?

The very high variance means you won’t encounter regular but small payouts. Instead, non-winning tickets could be common, but huge prizes could drop in without warning.

Is this game easy to play on mobile?

Yes. Load it up, purchase your ticket, and scratch off the different segments by dragging your finger across the screen.


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