Darts Champion Game

Darts Champion Game

Quick Overview of the Game

If you are into darts, then you will surely enjoy the Darts Champion game developed by KA Gaming, developers of many successful casino games. It comes with very interesting gameplay that can easily result in some hefty prizes. There is even a bonus feature that spices up the experience. In this full Darts Champion review, one of the best online casino reviews, we cover all the details.

How to Play Darts Champion Game

Access the Darts Champion Game and select a stake that best suits your style of playing. Now, you just need to press the “Play” button to start the round. When you do that, the game will automatically throw the dart onto the dartboard. You will receive a payout depending on the number you hit.

If you hold the “Play” button, the game will give you the option to use the autoplay feature. Here, you get to place numerous bets in a row without stopping

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Darts Champion Game RTP and Variance

Unfortunately, there is no information about the RTP rate and variance on KA Gaming’s official website. Even the Darts Champion demo version didn’t have such details. However, according to multiple sources, the RTP rate is 96%.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Darts Champion doesn’t have any symbols, as this game has a different gameplay from the online slots. Here, you are winning payouts based on the numbers the darts are hitting on the dartboard. You don’t throw the darts manually, as the game does that for you. This makes the real money online casino gameplay super unpredictable and very exciting.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

When you are placing bets at Darts Champion, you get to choose from limits that go between $0.30 and $200. As for the wins, you should know that several numbers on the dartboard indicate your payout.

Those numbers are 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10. Each of these numbers multiplies the stake by its value. Now, the outer ring area doubles the number on the dartboard.

Lastly, the thin ring area within the dartboard triples the number. This means that if you hit the triple 10 area, then you will get the highest payout of 30x the bet.

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Darts Champion Game Bonus Features

There is a single bonus feature included in the Darts Champion game. This is the free game feature, which you can activate by hitting the center circle, aka the bull’s eye. It gives out 3 free spins, during which you can re-trigger the same feature.

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Darts Champion Game FAQs

Can I play the Darts Champion game for free?

Yes, you can play this game for free. There is a Darts Champion demo version available that allows you to play with virtual credits.

What multipliers are in play in the Darts Champion game?

On the dartboard, you will find multipliers such as 0x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x. However, this dartboard also features an outer and thin ring area that doubles and triples the multiplier.

Can I play the Darts Champion game on a smartphone?

Yes, you can enjoy this game on your smartphone. Darts Champion works perfectly on all Android and iOS devices.

Hit the Bull’s Eye!

KA Gaming has once again created an amazing game that differs from all other casino games on the market. Darts Champion may offer payouts of up to 30x the bet per round. But the quick rounds and super-exciting gameplay make up for this minor setback. There is even a free game feature that rewards 3 free spins. If you feel like Darts Champion is for you, then we suggest you try it out at Vegas Aces Casino.

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