Flame Roulette Game

Flame Roulette Game

Quick Overview of the Game

There have been a lot of crossovers in the entertainment industry, but the one depicted in the Flame Roulette online table games takes the cake. AllWaySpin has officiated an unlikely union between slots and table games with this game, and we can tell you that it’s smoking hot!

Come read our Flame Roulette review to learn how to catch some of this fire.

How to Play Flame Roulette

Our casino guides will always provide you with all the secret tells on how to win the game this is no exception. Here’s how to play Flame Roulette; after the game loads, click on the golden “Play” button to start the game. A roulette table will appear on your screen. Select your bet amount from the numbered coins, then tap any part of the table you want to bet. After that, click the “V” coin to spin the roulette wheel. If you wish to delete a bet, click the “X” button.

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Flame Roulette has successfully made one of the toughest table games, roulette, a lighthearted affair. Despite having the looks and feel of a typical table game, you can look forward to playing Flame Roulette with the same carefreeness that accompanies all slots.

To get started, you must choose an amount to stake. Look at the numbers on the coins and pick the most suitable for you. Now look at the roulette table and decide where to place your bet. Once found, click on that part of the table.

The roulette wheel needs to be spun for your bet to produce a value. So click on the button with a “V” on it to make the wheel rotate and put the tiny ball in motion. When the wheel comes to a state of rest, the ball will fall into a pocket and stop moving. The outcome of the spin will be determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and the result will be displayed immediately.

If your bet plays out in favor of your prediction, you’ll receive a prize. But if not, your bet will be lost and you’ll be given another opportunity to play in a new round, which begins immediately.

Bet Sizes & House Edge

This unique slot game belongs to a class of roulette called European Roulette. It has a house edge of 2.7% and offers the following types of bets:

  • Even/odd
  • red/black
  • Low/high numbers

Flame Roulette also features a wide range of bet sizes that will serve both casual players and big spenders. You can choose from the following coins: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 200.


The bet size you select will influence your payout. If you pick a small bet size, your successful bet will yield a small profit. Conversely, a big stake will give out a substantial profit. The paytable below shows the various types of bets in the Flame Roulette slot and their payouts.

Single  1:30
Split 1:18
Trio & Street 1:12
Corner 1:9
Six Line 1:6
Column  1:3
Dozen 1:3
Odd & Even 1:2
Red & Black  1:2
High & Low 1:2


Flame Roulette Tips

It’s said that slot games have no strategies, but Flame Roulette slot begs to differ. Well, this is because the game is not entirely a slot, but also a table game, and with such games, you’ll need to have some tricks up your sleeves. To be successful in the Flame Roulette slot, practice the following tips:

  • Place red/black and even/odd bets more often because they have higher chances of winning
  • Don’t place single number bets because they hardly profit players
  • Invest your bankroll in corner bets
  • Know when to stop playing. Have a target and stop betting once it’s hit

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Flame Roulette FAQs

Is the Flame Roulette Online Table Game Available on Mobile?

Yes, this game can be played on mobile at any AllWaySpin casino. Visit your preferred online casino on your smartphone or tablet, search for Flame Roulette, and start playing.

What’s the Highest Bet Amount on the Flame Roulette?

Players can only bet a total of $200. Going above that will be rejected by the game.

Is there a special feature in the Flame Roulette slot?

Yes, this game has an interesting feature that will give you an advantage. Randomly, flaming numbers will appear when you bet, and they can earn you 300 times your initial bet.

Ignite Your Passion

Flame Roulette isn’t what will readily come to mind when table or slot games are mentioned. If you have no prior experience with roulette games, you might be taken aback by your first encounter. But the good news is that roulette is one of the easiest table games to learn.

Getting the hang of it wouldn’t take much time, and once you do, playing the Flame Roulette online table game will be a breeze. You’re welcome to try this game for free at any AllWaySpin online casino, and once you fine-tune your skill, you may proceed to play for real money.

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Flame Roulette Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Sarah Thompson

Awesome graphics, smooth gameplay. Loved the thrill!

 by Michael Reynolds

Flame Roulette is addictive! Can't get enough of it!

 by Emily Carter

Impressive interface, engaging twists. Highly recommend!

 by David Martinez

Flame Roulette offers a unique spin. Captivating!

 by Jennifer Evans

Sleek design, seamless experience. A must-try for gamers!

 by Ryan Phillips

Flame Roulette is my go-to! Exhilarating gameplay!

 by Jessica Garcia

Vegas Aces nailed it with Flame Roulette. Thrilling!

 by Brandon Nguyen

Flame Roulette keeps me hooked for hours. Addictive fun!

 by Amanda Rodriguez

The intensity of Flame Roulette is unmatched. Love it!

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