Dana White: Not Just a Fighter, But a Blackjack Shark

Dana White: Not Just a Fighter, But a Blackjack Shark

There have been many incredible athletes who are casino players, but they often do their gambling discreetly to avoid media issues. Dana White is the opposite, though. He is open about his love for blackjack and kills it at the tables. Today’s casino news will cover the Dana White Blackjack interest, and highlight some details about him.

Dana White Blackjack: Knockouts in the Octagon, Aces on the Felt!

Dana White is a famous mixed martial arts (MMA) figure and the president of the industry’s biggest event, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born in 1969 in Connecticut, where he grew up under the tutelage of his parents and family. He kickstarted his boxing career at 17 and did so well for himself that many fighters came to him for coaching and management.

However, If you take away boxing and anything related to fighting, Dana White still has other extraordinary achievements under his sleeves. He is a terrific blackjack player. Even in Multi Hand Blackjack, he knows how to play the right cards. Dana has been in the game longer than in the UFC.

Over the years, his skills have made him a nightmare for lovers of these casino games. He knows everything about the blackjack house edge, strategies, and playing techniques. Casinos like Wynn, Mirage, and Palms have banned him from playing at their casino tables on different occasions.

White’s love for blackjack is so strong, that he has recorded himself playing the game on several adventures, even at all-night sessions, but it is rare to see him play at an online casino, even if it’s free blackjack games. However, last month, he was introduced to an online blackjack live dealer game by a YouTuber whose channel is called “Xposed.”

Dana White Blackjack Achievements: Fighter at Heart, a Gambler by Choice

Dana White significantly began his career in the UFC in 2001, when Lorenzo Fertitta, his friend, bought the struggling organization for $2 million and installed him as the president. Since then, White’s leadership has seen UFC become one of the world’s most popular and successful sports organizations, worth over $12 billion. But away from that, let’s talk about his blackjack wins.

White’s blackjack adventures have taken him to some of the most iconic casinos in the world, including the Bellagio, Las Vegas, and the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. He has also played in some of the world’s most exclusive high-stakes casino games, with buy-ins of up to $500,000, or even $1 million, as Joe Rogan – perhaps the most popular UFC commentator – has revealed.

He has won huge amounts of dollars playing blackjack. Some time ago, he won $2 million within three months at the Las Vegas Palms Casino. This prompted the casino to give him notice to quit playing at the tables for fear that he might give them a bad break with his wins. Last year, he was on a live stream to play blackjack with Adin Ross, the renowned gambling streamer, and made some serious money.

Other Card Ventures

Aside from playing, Dana often popularizes blackjack, including Single Deck Blackjack games, as competitive gaming. He has even hosted tournaments and granted many interviews to talk about blackjack. In one of the interviews, he spoke about how he often plays.

“There are so many things that go into playing blackjack. First of all, the way that I play, I can go into the casino and make my own rules and level the playing ground a little bit, and I got a lot of ammo. I always hit on 16! But there are certain times when the cards are off, and there is a weird feeling. So, sometimes, you have to go with your gut. I will do some things that aren’t by the book, but yes, I play by the book.”

Dana White loves blackjack and has won millions, but his gaming style has also led to some controversy.

Gaming Controversies

Dana’s blackjack wins have led to accusations of him counting cards and using unfair tactics to gain an advantage. Some others, maybe out of jealousy, said he is addicted to blackjack due to physiological utterances in their brain caused by the possible head injuries that they may have sustained in their fighting years. But Dana White doesn’t care. All he wants to do is to win at the tables and lay down a remarkable legacy in the UFC.

An Octagon Warrior and Blackjack King

Dana White is a man who knows how to draw attention. But beyond the headlines and the controversies, there is a man who has worked hard to achieve his success. And no matter what the future holds for him, one thing is sure: he is not afraid to take risks. This has led to great success, making him a true professional icon and a notable blackjack player.

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