Bigger Banker Revealed: Inside CR Games’ Masterpiece

Bigger Banker Revealed: Inside CR Games’ Masterpiece

Since its release, the Bigger Banker game has lived up to its title, “Bigger,” which means that the number of ways to win has doubled. Despite being a relatively new game, this has immensely contributed to its success in the gaming community. If you love to stake high for big wins in online slots, the game will appeal to you. It is an online casino slot whose design resembles the Big Banker, an instant scratch card game.

In today’s casino news, we will highlight a few things you should know about the Bigger Banker slot game and the features that stand it out.

Inside Bigger Banker: A Game Changer in Online Slots

CR Games released the Bigger Banker online slot in January 2022. The online casino software provider was founded in 2017 located in North England. Its products, however, are only available to a few operators—CR Games often partners with selected casinos.

So far, the company has created over 70 games using HTML5 technology, some of which have been very successful and worthy of being among the top slot games. Their major strength is developing an idea and ensuring the product aligns with it.

The Big Banker Slot, for example, insinuates riches, and when you open the game, it reflects that. There are no special graphics or designs. As a result, players’ eyes are drawn to the game’s symbols majorly. They include old bars, diamonds, gold watches, cash piles, expensive wine, and a bigger banker symbol.

Features that Distinguishes the Bigger Banker from Other Games

Despite being one of the youngest new slots, Bigger Banker has gained popularity among chance-based game lovers due to the following features.

High Roller

The Bigger Banker game is one of the best slots to play online for real money due to its high roller feature. It improves players’ chances of getting a big payout by allowing stack wilds to land on the middle of the 5×3 reel and extra scatter symbols. A bonus round is triggered when this happens, providing an opportunity for highly rewarding gameplay.

Bigger Banker Feature

As mentioned earlier, one of the game symbols is the bigger banker icon. Landing three of them triggers this feature, which provides wins in four levels: big banker, major big banker, mega big banker, and Ultra Big banker.  This is an outstanding feature in many casino games in which players look for bigger winning chances.

Time is Money

Using money to buy time is a common concept in real-life scenarios. CR games introduced this concept in their game through the “Time is Money” feature. For every extra scatter symbol landed, more time is given to players, which increases winning possibilities. The game pace becomes faster during the additional time, and banking must be done on time. Otherwise, all the winnings can be lost.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature in Bigger Bakker is similar to poker’s double-or-nothing feature. Players are given the chance to double their wings after landing winning symbols on the pay lines. The gamble involves spinning a whole. If it stops on the green side, your winnings will be increased. But if not, you lose your wage.

Jackpot Prize

The jackpot in Bigger Banker is not a progressive one. Its RTP is 94%, which is very close to that of the Five Blessings slot. High rollers can stake up to £50 in this game, but the maximum payout is £250,000.

Final Thoughts

Bigger Banker is a slot game with a minimalistic design but an enormous payout. However, its non-availability in many casinos has limited its gameplay for many players. If you have issues accessing the game, try the free slots no download options that are available at Vegas Aces Casino.

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