Battleship Game

Battleship Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Battleship game is an excellent military-themed instant lottery game by Superlotto Games. The graphics mimic a war front with different battleships on the sea and planes in the sky. Throughout the game, you will hear fascinating battle music to keep you anticipating.

Battleship is a mobile-friendly game that offers value for your money. You will learn how to play Battleship by reading multiple online casino reviews. The review details features, gameplay, betting size, and potential payout.

How to Play Battleship Game

After loading the Battleship game, buy your ticket, set your stake, and click the red triangular button on the screen to participate in thrilling gameplay. You win a prize when you completely blow up a battleship with your plane. The bigger the ship, the higher your reward.

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Battleship is a real money online casino game with military-themed gameplay. Different sizes of ships are positioned on the ocean, and your job is to blow up these ships to win prizes. Eight ships appear on the sea as soon as you start the game. You cannot direct the planes to the position you want, so it is primarily due to chance.

You can use the turbo-blowup option to release more planes and blow up multiple ships simultaneously. While this feature increases your chances of securing a win, you will exhaust your ticket stake faster.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The minimum bet on the Battleship game is $0.10 per ticket. However, the maximum is $5. You can only get one ticket per bet, but a single ticket gives you multiple bullets. This means you can play multiple rounds.

The higher your betting amount, the higher your potential win. Superlotto Games, the game’s developers, has yet to make the house edge public.

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Battleship’s payouts range from $0.10 to $5000, depending on the betting size and reward. For example, maxing out your bet and destroying the biggest battleship gives you a potential win of $5000. However, the reward for destroying the smallest battleship with the lowest stake is $0.10.

Battleship Payouts
Battleship 1 5000
Battleship 2 500
Battleship 3 50
Battleship 4 15
Battleship 5 15
Battleship 6 15
Battleship 7 5
Battleship 8 5

Battleship Game Tips

The Battleship online game is based on chance, so there are limited strategies for winning. The only strategies available may help increase your potential rewards, but you will still need to take more risks. Some of these tips are listed below:

  • Use the turbo option to blow up multiple battleships at the same time
  • Pay for the maximum ticket per bet to increase your winning
  • Play frequently at random intervals for a higher chance of winning

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Battleship Game FAQs

Is the Battleships game free?

No, the Battleships game is not free. You will need to buy tickets to stake if you want to win. However, if you're going to play for fun, you will have to opt for the Battleships demo game.

How much can I bet on Battleships online game?

You can bet $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, or $5 on Battleships. Making payment gives you a ticket, and the value of the ticket will depend on how much you stake.

Is Battleships demo the same as the real game?

Yes, Battleships demo is the same as the actual game. The theme, features, sound, and everything else is the same. However, you cannot win any money playing the demo game.


Battleship game is a fantastic instant win lottery game for anyone who loves military games or any other casino games. One of the game’s best features is that it is easy to understand and play. The exciting war music in the background makes the game even more exciting. Are you ready to get started?

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