Pirate Online Game

Pirate Online Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Pirate Online Game is an instant lottery game from Superlotto Games. It is set on a hidden island with pirates and their pet parrot. The background sound is ocean waves while the bird interacts with the player’s requests. The graphics and animation are impressive too, they are very similar to the Piggy Bank game.

Like other casino games, the potential maximum payout is $5000, depending on the type of treasure you uncover. Also, the game runs on desktop, Android, and iOS devices, so you have lots of freedom.

Like all of our online casino reviews, this covers all you should know, such as the gameplay and tips to increase your winning potential. Keep reading, or play the Pirate game demo version to learn more.

How to Play Pirate Online Game

To learn how to play the Pirate Online Game, it’s better if you practice with the demo version or practice with other games like the Football Allstar PSO. The game starts like most instant lottery games. You need to get a ticket to bet with, and then you can adjust the bet size to fit your needs. Next, click on “random” so the bird can help you uncover the prizes randomly. At the end of the round, the computer calculates the wins.


Pirate has interesting gameplay. It has several symbols, and your goal is to get a cluster of these symbols to win. The symbols include emerald, sapphire, moonstone, aquamarine, topaz, and onyx. The winnings depend on how many symbols you uncover in a single game. The bird selects the tiles randomly to reveal what is behind them. You’ll win a prize if the bird uncovers a cluster of 1 to 5 symbols.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The bet sizes in this real money online casino game are pretty good. You can enjoy it, especially if you have bankroll constraints. The lowest wager you can make on the game is $0.10, while the maximum bet size is $5.

There is no information about the house edge of the Pirate game.


Pirate game online casino offers decent payouts for uncovering specific symbols. For example, the highest paying symbol is emerald, and you need about five symbols in one round to get $5000. The minimum payout is $5; you can get it when you unveil an onyx symbol.

Below is a more detailed paytable for the maximum bet of $5.

Symbol Payout
Emerald 5000
Sapphire 500
Moonstone 50
Aquamarine 15
Topaz 5
Onyx 5

Pirate Online Game Tips

From this Pirate game review, it is evident that the game is random. However, you can increase your chances by following these tips.

  • The maximum bet is a good option only if you can afford it.
  • Don’t ignore the Pirate game demo because it can be helpful before playing for real money.

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Pirate Online Game FAQs

Does Pirate online game work on mobile?

This game works on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game uses HTML5 technology, making it possible to run on these devices without additional software.

Can I win money while playing the Pirate online game?

Yes, you can win money while playing the game. However, you must register and deposit money to play the real money game.

Is there a Pirate online demo game?

Yes, the game has a free-to-play demo and regular play. The former does not require any registration or deposit. Just start playing.

Discover the Hidden Gemstones

The Pirate online game has exciting gameplay that does the theme justice. The setting, graphics, and animation are impressive, and it is interactive since the player controls the parrot character. This makes it more interesting to play. It has an impressive potential payout of $5000 and runs on all devices. So, you’re not restricted to using a desktop to play.

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